I am turned on by fools like you, who accept me as their leader through this path of enslavement, till the lowest points of degradation. I am the Supreme Highness of Humiliation, you little looser, so prepare to suffer, to handle everything I’m about to make you go through. The one and only Miss BlackMail is here to take care of you, payslut, and she’ll show no mercy!
Disobedience is the way to turn me off and make me cut you off the short list of privileged fools that are allowed to serve the insatiable and greedy Dominant Goddess that I am. If I choose to spend my precious time with you, you’d better not fuck this chance up, as it might be the only shot you have for reaching the highest level of pleasure I’m bringing to the table! Bow for the queen, now, you little fool!
Expect to be brainwashed, to forget about the old you. Once under my spell, you’ll become the most obedient servant that has ever existed. You’ll be fearful to even take a glimpse at me, without asking permission first. You have to know that my standards are highest than ever, I do not settle for anything less than I deserve. So you’d better rise to my expectations. So know what you're getting into loser, because if you served me once you cannot stop.
Why Here:
I am here to be served, obeyed and worshipped, little fool! I am exactly what your flavourless life lacked so far: a controller, a commander, the Mistress to show you how a dumb slave like you must be treated. So be ready for a mind-blowing experience.
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