One of My favorite forms of CBT is bondage. Whether it’s a rope tied around your shaft and between your balls then wrapped around your sack, or a bunch of clothespins, rubber bands, or even clamps applied to your aching cock, bondage brings something truly wonderful to cock and ball torture. Sure, it can hurt when you initially apply the bondage, but the real fun starts when you remove the bonds and all that trapped blood rushes back into your dick.
Since there are so many nerves in the penis itself, cock and ball torture brings on endorphins quite quickly. This means that while you may be in pain to start, you’ll eventually start to crave CBT because of the rush of happy chemicals it brings. Cock and ball torture can cover such a wide range of fetish actions as well! I’ve enjoyed electrical play, impact play, sounding, weights, hot wax, and much much more! When it comes to cbt, there’s not much that I can’t inflict…
You know you need to submit to a woman because you are far inferior to them. You need to have your wretched body bound and whipped to be taught humility. You need to have your pathetic cock and balls tortured. You need to be led around by them in a harness and be treated like the animal you are. You need to be kept in a cage until I see fit to use you for my own purpose..
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If you are lucky enough to live in My area, I also greatly enjoy ball busting and ball kicking sessions! Whether you can take all the force of My well-trained quads kneeing your testicles, or if you’re a newbie who just wants to experiment with some gentle kicking, I’m happy to brutalize your balls in any way!Some of the many activities and equipment that can be used to create a medical scene: Ass play – dilators, speculum, dildos, inflatables, etc. Cock and ball torment – stretching, sensitivi
cbt, cei, Chastity,Cuckold, cuckoldress,homewrecker, Humiliation,cum eating ,loser humiliation, pillow humping
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