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Turn Ons:
Mostly I am turned on by wise, smart guys who knows more words than pussy and boobs, so if you know how to start a conversation and keep me interested then for sure I will be turned on.
Turn Offs:
I am turned off by rudeness and people with unpleasant behavior who forgot how to behave in front of a woman. Respect so I can feel comfortable with you.
Favorite Position:
I love being creative in bed (and not only ;> ), casual positions were fine when I started, now I am really curious about how you like to fuck. Riding style is my fav one when it comes to pleasure, especially if you can last longer than one minute ;)
Mostly I prefer to be in charge.
Personnal Message:
Welcome my friend (or archenemy), if you're reading this it means that you thinking FOR REAL to make ME a part of your daily routine of entertainment or even part of whole life. I don't know yet about what you are searching for but you can rely on me when it comes to any type of activity. We might take our time with : -joi -dirty talk -fantasies -sph -domination -feet worship -cbt -roleplays -cei -...well surprise me with your kinks Besides, we all need someone... sometimes :), I can be your shoulder to lean upon, to talk about good or bad moments. I can even telepathically wipe your tears if you'd like to talk about life. No matter what will it be, I will be there for you. This place showed me that we're all human beings.... ...pervy but human beings and all of us need support not only when it comes to wanking :D It's truth, not propaganda...everyone cums/comes with/to Amanda. (yeah I forgot to mention my Awesome-O sense of humor and creativity)
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